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PCCA has everything that compounders need to do what they do best: help individual patients with unique needs. Whether you’re looking for the highest quality and hard-to-find chemicals or you need devices and equipment to compound and dispense medications, we’ve got you covered.


Not all chemicals are created equal. That’s why we not only provide the largest selection of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the industry, but we also ensure that you have a reliable supply that consistently meets The PCCA Standard, above and beyond USP specifications. Because the best clinical outcomes start with the best ingredients.

Exclusive Bases

Some of our proprietary bases have changed the industry, some have defined it, and all of them have helped improve patients’ lives. We know as well as anyone that having high-performing vehicles to work with ensures that compounders give patients the treatment they deserve. That’s why we have invested over $27 million on formula and base development since 2000—well over $1 million per year.Interested in our exclusive bases? Learn more about becoming a PCCA member.

PCCA Education and Training

Education & Training

PCCA’s education and hands-on training programs strengthen our members’ skills and expand their expertise to meet the unique health care needs of their patients. In addition to our foundational training programs for both non-sterile and sterile compounding, we provide more than 115 in-person and online educational opportunities every year on a wide variety of topics.

Expert Clinical Support

Expert Clinical Support

Clinical Support Team

PCCA Clinical Support consists of more than 30 pharmacists, chemists and PhDs who are on call 24/7 to answer even your most challenging clinical questions. Whether you’re having trouble with a complex formula or you’re stumped on a puzzling patient problem, they’ll become your go-to resource.


With over 9,000 proprietary formulas—the most in the industry—our database is a truly exceptional library of compounding possibilities at our members’ fingertips. It is available immediately when a pharmacy joins PCCA as a member. Additionally, the PCCA FormulaPlus™ program evaluates the chemical potency of our members’ favorite formulas—over 120 and counting. Our FormulaPlus studies use rigorous, stability-indicating methods, resulting extended beyond-use dates (BUDs) backed by solid science.